EasyFurr Sanitary Napkin (280mm)

 Introducing EasyFurr Sanitary Napkin, the most comfortable and reliable protection you can get during your period. With its 100% cotton material, you'll feel like you're not wearing anything at all! Enjoy the convenience of a hassle-free period with EasyFurr Sanitary Napkin. Get the protection you need without compromising on comfort.

With its ultra-absorbent material, it can absorb up to 250 ml of liquid, so you don't have to worry about feeling uncomfortable or messy. Plus, its wings help keep the napkin in place for a secure fit. Say goodbye to period worries and try EasyFurr today!

Our napkins are designed to provide superior comfort and protection from skin irritation, urinary tract instability, and back pain. It has 8 layers of protection that protect against all kinds of decease.


  • Eliminates Heat & Moisture.
  • Removes Noxious Bacteria That Cause Gynecological Diseases.
  • It has 8 layers that absorb the liquid.
  • It prevents hormonal imbalances by increasing the level of calcium and sodium in the bloodstream.
  • There is a strip that resists 99.9% of bacteria and gives a natural relief of menstrual discomfort.
  • In each packet there is an indicator that indicates the presence of bacteria in the genital area.
  • It contains -negative ions in it.



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